Dynamic Seedpod - Cathy Jane Designs
Dynamic Seedpod - Cathy Jane Designs

Dynamic Seedpod sculptural embroidery

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This Dynamic Seedpod from the Sycamore tree inspired me to design this piece one day while attending an art exhibition where I found the seedpods littering the ground.

After some research, I found out what tree they were from, and the sketches started from there. The Dynamic Seedpod I found had naturally disintegrated and was very dishevelled, and I realised that I could design quite an intriguing design from this. The weight of the Dynamic Seedpod at the bottom is masterfully and accurately matched to the length of it so that the whole thing can spin once it falls from the tree, like a whirling helicopter.

This sculptural embroidery is hand made in New Zealand.

Professionally framed using a white boxed frame and high grade glass. This offers ultimate clarity, with reduced reflection, and has 99% UV protection from the sun.

Size:  Height 74cm x Wide 44.5cm x Depth 4.5cm. Framed and ready to be hung.