Camouflage Crab 3D Sculptural Embroidery. Embroidery
Camouflage Crab 3D Sculptural Embroidery. Embroidery

Camouflage crab 3D Thread Sculpture.

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This piece is my sculptural version of the amazing Camouflage crab (Notomithrax ursus).  These are found all over New Zealand hiding amongst inter-tidal rockpools.  The crabs decorate themselves in bits of seaweed, that attach to their hairy backs, and cruise around showing off their beauty.  

Every design is unique, and I only make one of each design.

This comes with its own signed certificate of authenticity.

It is carefully pinned onto perspex, and encased in an acrylic box like a preserved museum specimen.


height: 18cm

width: 12cm

depth: 10cm

Cathy Jane Designs


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