Drawn to create your own stunning embroidery artworks? Join me in discovering the beauty, intricacy, and joy of producing embroidery sculptures.


***** I will be starting to teach the traditional art of 'Tambour Beading' or Luneville Embroidery.  This embroidery is still used by ateliers in the couture fashion industry.  If you would like to learn this technique, please email me and I can organise a workshop.

  • Please get in touch with me for more information.
  • I’m also very happy to teach workshops in schools, and private workshops one on one in my sewing studio.

This modern art form draws from traditional machine embroidery - a simple method that combines your sewing machine with your imagination to create freehand artworks.

There will be a range of workshops on offer, so make sure you check back often or sign up to my newsletter to keep up with the latest news.

Don’t forget to check out my range of embroidery supplies too. I stock a range of embroidery Madeira threads, embroidery starter packs (the same as is supplied at my workshops), and Nurge embroidery hoops

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